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Vollmer Production Center Made by Vollmer Biberach


consist.of: ++TCT circular saw blade sharpening machine (CNC contr.) Mod. CHD 250 R +Suitable to sharpen autom. the face & top on carbide tipped circular saw blades in one set-up. Permits to sharpen all known tooth geometries automatically & in one rotation. +Spec.:•Saw Ø with robot system 130-600; without 80-840mm •saw blade centre bore Ø with robot 16-180; without 10-220mm •saw thickness with robot up to 5; without 14mm •tooth pitch with robot 8-120; without 8-120mm •rake angle -35°to +40° •clearance angle 5° to 45° •top bevel grinding up to 45° & face up to 30° •grind. wheel dim. face max. 200x32mm & top max. 125x32 mm +Access.:•total enclosure •prepar. for centr. coolant syst. •saw blade positioning device •alpha-numerical keyboard for data admin. at the control panel •prepar. for robot syst. •contr. mounting slide •autom. central lubric. •stepl. adjust. driving spindle •1 grind. wheel flange. ++CNC contr. robotsystem Mod. NB23H +Suitable for operation with 2 machines +Spec.:•Saw blade Ø with double gripper op. 150-400mm & Ø with single grip. op. 150-600mm •connected load 400V/50 cycles +Access.:•2 loading carriages •1 intermediate stack •3 bolt for load. carriages •1 bolt for intermed. stack 75/80/85/90/95/100/105 •autom. central lubric. •ext. data input station. ++ TCT circ. sawblade side grindingmachine Mod. CHF 210R +Suitable to grind simult. & autom. both tooth flanks on carb. tipp. circ. saw blades +Spec.:•Saw Ø 80-840mm •saw blade centre bore Ø 10-105mm •saw thickness up to 8mm •tooth pitch 6-120mm •length of grind max. 15mm •rake angle -15° up to +30° •rad. clearance angle -4° up to +6° & single-sided up to -8° •tang. clearance angle up to +6° •working speed up to 12 teeth/min. •grind. wheel Ø max. 125mm •grind. wheel centre bore Ø 32mm +Access.: •preparat. for central coolant system •motor driven rake & clearance angle adjust. •hydr. clamping of the saw blade •autom. centr. lubric. mistakes reservation




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