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Milk powder plant and babyfood production 500-800 kg/h 2


Used milk powder plant and babyfood plant capacity for milk powder was 500-800 kg/h. The plant consist of: 1. Milk reception tanks: 4 x 10000 Liters, stainless steel, isolated, with 2 side impeller agitators. Diameter of 3 tanks is 380 cm and one tank 370 cm. Height of each tank is approximately 10000 cm. Mounted on fundament. 2. Control room for 2 idential installations of spray towers. Allan Bradley controlers. Inludes anti-fire controls, partial CIP control (the rest of CIP control is in the main CIP station ffor the entire plant) 3. 2 units of 4 stage milk eveporators 4. 1 unit APV Rannie homogeniser, 360 Bar, model BT30140. There ware originally 2 units but second it was adopted in another factory of owners 5. 2 Pasteurisers and 2 concentrate tanks for both installtions 6. soda preparation installation CIP 7 vitamin preparation, mixin and dosing installation with colloid mill, APV pasteuriser, 10000 Liter stainles steel tanks diameter 220 cm, heigh strieght wall 2,5 m legs 60 cm, outlet 80 mm diameter 8. 2 identical spray dryers that can work on both either nozzle type spraying or atomiser type spraying (nozzles where used for better quality, atomiser was used for bigger capacity). Diameter of towers is 6 m. Height approximately 25 m. Made by APV Anhydro model VB-4. Spray tower outlet diameter 60 cm. Both spray towers have cyclones, heat receovery system, steam heaters, vibratory fluid bed dryers 5,60 m lenght 60 cm wide stainless steel. Both spray towers have rectangular vibratory screens 100 x 60 cm on the bottom. 9. Big Bag packeging machine 10. 25 kg paper bags packeging machine ----




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